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The kit is a special version of TFT’s popular Clamshell BON which has been adapted to allow full user-customisation without the need for special machinery or tooling. It is customised using 3 x 1.6mm FR4 PCBs all of which can be made identical to save on manufacturing origination costs. The test probe receptacles are fitted in two of these PCBs, with the press-ring sandwiched between them and then soldered on both sides to create a rigid assembly.

The third PCB is used as a dust cover, the probe holes must be drilled larger than the receptacles this can be done easily with a hand-held drill or a small drill press.

Those are the only parts that need to be manufactured to customise the fixture.

The rest is already taken care of – the Device Under Test (DUT) is accurately positioned in the fixture using specially designed, adjustable tooling pin arms which are swivelled into position and then tightened in place to provide accurate, repeatable DUT positioning in the production environment.

The PCB retention frame is customised to the DUT by screwing a suitable number of support posts (M4 x 20 Nylon Screws, supplied) into the pre-drilled and pre-threaded clamping plate. A 100-hole matrix has been drilled to allow optimal flexibility in support post positioning.

Detailed customisation instructions and support documents are available here:

Should you have a more complex requirement or would prefer a fully customised PCB Test Fixture, please visit our main website.